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ExperienceModern Man goes beyond just clothing. It's a lifestyle. He is a guy who cares about every aspect of his life, and how he can positivly effect the people around him. He lives this lifestyle by donating in anyway he can to the community around him, by being a cornerstone family man, and by dressing well!


For over 60 years combined our 2 retail locations: The Haberdasher Limited: A Modern Man Store (Green Bay, WI) and Harleys: A Modern Man Store (Milwaukee, WI) have be serving our communities every clothing need by keeping them on the cutting edge of style and fit. 

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Quality and customer service have been the cornerstone of our businesses for over 60 years.

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From classic or modern suits and sport coats to updated and rugged sportswear, as well as athleisure, Modern Man appeals to men of all ages.

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