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Tailoring The Haberdasher

Get the Right Fit...

Every Time

Made-to-measure suits and dress shirts give you a customized fit with a variety of fabric choices.
Attention to Details
Our tailoring offerings feature meticulous attention to detail.
Service On Time
Turn-around times are among the fastest in the industry. Not only is it completed when you need it, but exactly how you need it.
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Choose Your Style

We have a number of different styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for formal business attire or something more casual, you will find it in our collection.

Choose Your Style

Customize The Suit

After you choose your style of suit, you’ll find options on how to fully customize your suit. From the cut of the lapel to the cuffs and buttons, you get to choose exactly the suit you need.

Customize the Suit

Get Measured

It wouldn’t be a tailored suit if we didn’t first take your measuremen ts. We have qualified style professionals to take your measurements in meticulious detail so we can tailor a suit perfect for you.

Get Measured

Tailoring Cost Sheet: